Can My Child Sleep in My Bed?

Posted by Marissa Smith on

Over the years, we have heard many different rules and tips when looking at child safety and baby safety. Sadly, one of the more recent - about parents who sleep in the same bed as their children - has been born out of devastating circumstances and now experts are having their say on the situation.


After an 11-week old baby died after being starved of oxygen whilst sleeping on her father, experts have said that, for the good of children’s safety, they should never sleep with a parent. Back in January, the father woke up and described her daughter as ‘floppy’ and wouldn't respond to noise or movement. Shortly after, she was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital. Since then, experts have said that it was ‘unsafe’ how she was sleeping.


When children sleep in these conditions, the risk of Sudden Infant Death (SID) increases by five times. Due to the position of the baby on her father’s chest and arm, the cause of death was given as positional asphyxiation caused by co-sleeping. Working on the case in question, the coroner said that she was in an unsafe position sleeping with her parents and another child. Of course, many public awareness campaigns have resulted from this travesty and all parents should now be aware of the dangers.


With this in mind, we urge you all to consider this danger and make all other parents aware of the dangers that can come with co-sleeping.



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