Potentially Dangerous Summer Stroller Mistake

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Over the years, we have seen some tragic stories of babies being left in cars and as a result, baby safety and everything related has seen a huge rise. However, many people are also making a huge mistake with their baby stroller without even realizing.


For many, the reaction to the sun shining on the baby’s eyes would be to cover the stroller with a blanket but this is very dangerous because it can increase the heat in the stroller itself. Even if the blanket is a thin material, it will turn the stroller into an oven and your baby will have to experience soaring temperatures. Over time, many experts have been able to research this and they have come to the conclusion that a blanket should never be used in this manner. Although the parents can’t see it, the stroller will heat up and the air won’t be allowed to circulate as efficiently.


As mentioned, many pieces of research have been seen over the years as well as interesting experiments. Recently, one experiment in particular tested the theory and the stroller had a temperature of around 22 degrees celsius without a cover (in the sun). After laying a thick blanket over the top as so many parents do, the temperature soon rose to 34 degrees celsius. After just 60 minutes, this increased to nearly 40 degrees celsius.

When looking into child safety, it’s clear to see that this has a number of problems. Sadly, this fact isn't so well-known so unsuspecting parents are unknowingly and unwillingly heating their baby’s stroller whilst trying to do the exact opposite. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on your children for signs of heatstroke. As well as being generally hot, this can also include dry skin, restlessness, lethargy, rapid pulse, quick shallow breathing, unconsciousness, and vomiting.


What Can You Do? - When reading this, you might be wondering exactly what you can do to prevent heatstroke so we have some top tips.


  • Firstly, try and stay in the shade as much as possible
  • Make sure your child is wearing loose-fitting and light clothes
  • Always try to stay in an air-conditioned space (even if it means leaving the house)
  • Ensure that they are drinking regularly to stay hydrated
  • Stay inside if you notice your baby getting hot


So there we have it, a dangerous mistake that many of us make during the hot summer months. Now you are aware of the problem, be sure to spread the message to as many parents as possible and let them know what they can do to prevent problems in the heat!


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