Power Strip Cover and Outlet Cover Box - Effectively Baby Proofs Power Strip and Electrical Outlet. with Patended Double Lock, Protects Small Hands & Fingers

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  • IMPROVED POWER STRIP BOX - Exciting new design is much easier to use, holds more, and better protects your small child or toddler from tampering and accidents.
  • IMPROVED OUTLET COVER SAFETY BOX to give you peace of mind. Your baby or toddler is far less likely to experience an accident or injury. This box uses an ingenious double lock mechanism that's very easy for adults to open, yet difficult for a toddler to use. Smooth, fast, effortless one hand open for parents, grandparents, sitters.
  • NEW DOUBLE LOCK - Most young children can't open, but easy for adults to use.
  • TO OPEN, simply turn the dial to zero and press the two buttons at the same time. Easy and effortless for adults, but virtually impossible for small hands.
  • POWER STRIP COVER BOX 13.3" long, 4.7" wide, and 5.2" tall to compactly fit on floor, behind desk, or even mount on shelf.